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The Final Chapters #6: End!

Flygon was flying towards the Western Cave to assist his old human. When he heard that he was taking down Mewtwo and Team Lunar, he had to find a way to repay him for what he had done throughout his time in the Pokémon world. Flygon was at top speeds, hurrying to get there soon.

“I have to get there!” Flygon said. “I have to!!”

Flygon looked as he saw Meganium and Swampert exiting the cave. Flygon landed in front of them and wondered where they were going.

“What’s going on?” Flygon asked. “I thought you were all going to take down Mewtwo!”

“We were, but we took heavy damage,” Meganium said. “We’re using my badge to escape. Colm went on ahead to try and take him on.”

“There’s no way he can defeat Mewtwo on his own.”

“That’s what I said. He can really be reckless at times.”

Flygon didn’t know what to do. Should he help, or should he allow his trainer to defeat what could be an undefeatable Pokémon.

“I’m sorry, but I have to do something,” Flygon said. “We’re in this together. Myself and Colm! I can’t allow Team Lunar to get away with this!”

Flygon shot a Hyper Beam as the door opened. Flygon flew in without so much as a goodbye as the door closed. Meganium wondered if the two were able to defeat Mewtwo, but only time would tell if that would ever happen. Meganium and Swampert teleported to their base and left the two to defeat Mewtwo and save the world.


Colm continued to walk down the long-winded pathway to face off against Mewtwo, but his battle with Blaziken left him worn out beyond belief. He had never felt anything like this before. He seemed to know now what it was like to be a Pokemon in a battle that was hurt beyond healing. Colm stopped to rest on the wall to his side and catch his breath, holding his stomach to ease the pain.

"Why does it have to hurt so much?" Colm said in pain. "I need to take this, now."

Colm opened his Toolbox and took out a lemon-shaped berry, called a Sitrus berry, and began to eat it to regain his health. Colm felt a jolt of energy inside of him as he continued to eat.

"Wow, this is perfect," Colm said. "These Sitrus berries do a number on my energy. I can't waste anymore time, though; I'm low on time as it is."

Colm rushed down the path with his toolbox at his side and a Sitrus Berry in his left hand as he ran and ate at the same time.

"I can feel the energy streaming into my body!" Colm said to himself. "This'll keep me alive long enough to to defeat Mewtwo. At least, I hope so."

Colm contuned to run down the pathway to Mewtwo's den, but suddenly, he heard a faint laughter from the distance, getting louder as it moved closer. Colm looked behind him to see Shuppet looking right at the two of them.

"The famed Colm Carter,” Shuppet began, “killing his worst nightmare at last. That must have been some achievement."

"Why are you here?" he asked. "Shouldn't you be helping Suisen?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Because Suisen's your leader, isn't he? It's natural that you'd want to keep him alive."

"Who said he was my leader?"

Colm had no idea what she was talking about, but he soon realized what she meant by that.

"You,” Colm said in shock, “you were the leader of Team Triple S this whole time!"

"And Team Lunar," Shuppet added. Colm eyes sprang open. "About time you figured it out. It all began with my loss against Lord Blitzkrieg. I was ashamed to have been beaten by that poor excuse for a battler! Since then. I made a deal with a dangerous man. One who had helped me overcome my loss...and put an end to his win streak!"

"WHAT?!" Colm said in shock. "He lost?!"

"Surprise, huh. That was never made public, so Blitzkrieg made it a secret...until now."

"And you're the only one who knew this?" Colm asked. Shuppet nodded. "So...who's this man you made a deal with?"

"His name cannot be spoken," Shuppet replied. "However, he's a powerful man, who gave me powers that no ordinary Shuppet could possess. For example, I can possess any body I desire. I can take over their form. I joined with Suisen and we agreed that he would make the world believe that he was the leader so I planned in the shadows. Now that Mewtwo is finally within our grasp, I don’t mind revealing everything.

“Now if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do!"

Shuppet floated down the path towards Mewtwo, while Colm chased after her. Colm still felt exhausted from the battle with Blaziken, but he couldn't give up now!

"Lord Kurai," Shuppet thought. "I will not fail you...I promise!"


It had been well over 10 years since that tragic defeat from Lord Blitzkrieg to Mistress Shuppet. That match marked Blitzkrieg's inhuman winning streak, while it left a permanent scar on not only her win record, but herself as well. Shuppet continued to cry after her tragic loss with Lord Blitzkrieg inside their light blue workout room. Her trainer, Susanne, tried to comfort her as, she too, began to shed some tears down her face.

"Oh, Shuppet," Susanne said. "This isn't the end for both of us. We'll restart again, and we'll make sure to defeat that man and his overgrown rat! I promise you, this isn't the end for both of us!"

Shuppet looked up at her with tears still in her eyes.

"I'll talk with my coach, just to see what he can recommend for you. Just sit tight and you'll be fine."

Susanne walked out of the dressing room, but not before looking in the large mirror above her desk to do her hair, as she always did. Shuppet floated over to the same mirror to look at herself crying. Susanne always told her to look within herself like looking at a mirror to see your faults. What would she have done better to help her win the match. She closed her eyes to think; maybe the reliance of Destiny Bond did her in?

" I so weak inside?" Shuppet said in a sweet voice.

She opened her eyes, and immediately saw a mysterious cloaked figure behind her, freaking her out as she looked back at the man in black. His face was completely invisible to her eyes, nothing but shadow, and he was medium in build. Shuppet fired a Night Shade bolt, but the man halted it and destroyed it immediately, as if it was dust.

"Do not hurt me," he said, in a sinister, yet calm voice. "I am not your enemy. I'm only here to aid you in your fight."

"I don't want you to help me!" she replied.

"Really now. And what if I do?"

Shuppet was surprised to hear him respond.

"You can understand me?"

"I'm a human, but I was raised as a Pokémon. I'm an innocent darkness...just like you!"

"Innocent darkness?"

"Those who are evil, yet have the purest of hearts."

Shuppet, even though they seemed alike, knew immediately that he was lying, but she wasn't saying anything. She didn't believe that he was raised a Pokémon, but she really couldn't believe the fact that he was able to talk to her. What was he? An image playing in her head, or a real person, hoping to get her to comply.

"Your strength," the man said. "I can give you more of it. I can make you powerful, if you want your revenge on 'him.'"

Shuppet knew he was talking about Lord Blitzkrieg.

"I was watching you out there, and let me say,” the man began, “you seem a bit...arrogant, to say it nicely."

"I'm not asking for your opinion!" Shuppet snapped.

"I can grant you power beyond your own imagination; Powers you never knew you could possess. Only if you join me!"

Shuppet didn't know what to do. Did she want to win that badly, knowing something bad might happen to her?

"I won't do it!" Shuppet shouted.

The man didn't like the way she responded. They suddenly heard a gasp as they look to see Susanne looking through the door, shocked that someone might be taking her Shuppet away.

"Don't interfere!" the man said.

"Who are you?!" Susanne shouted.

"Back away, and I'll spare your life."

"You're not taking my Shuppet away! Shuppet, Night Shade!"

She was willing to listen to her master's orders, but the last time she did that it failed.

"What are you waiting for, attack?!" Susanne asked.

"She tried that before, but I'm far too strong for her," the cloaked man said.

He placed his palm in front of her and pushed her violently against the wall behind her using his psychic powers. He then aimed his free hand to Shuppet in the same manner and knocked her out as well. As Shuppet closed her eyes, the last thing she saw was the man walking over to her trainer. The last thing she heard before going into a deep sleep, was a ear piercing scream.

Shuppet opened her eyes to see the room, just the way it was before, without her trainer to be found. The only thing she did notice, was the same man, with his hood down, showing his blue eyes and white hair that covered his left eye.

"I'll ask you again. Will you come with me?"

"Yes, master," she said, almost emotionless.

The man smiled as he got up and left.

"Remember my name: Kurai Megami."


Shuppet and Colm both made it inside a very unusual part of the cave, looking as if everything was in space! The land was broken to pieces as it floated around the cave, while the pit looked like Colm could be sucked into space at any second. Colm looked around and, sure enough, he could see Earth in all of its magical splendor. He had no idea what was going on here, and he didn't want to right now. Shuppet laughed as Colm looked right at her next to Mewtwo, who was floating next to her, curled up into a ball.

"This is your last time alive, Colm," Shuppet said. "It's too late to stop us! You've wasted your time with that pathetic Suisen, and now you'll no longer exist! Think about it, a world where anything can happen, forcing anyone to do what you want. All with the Unown's power."

Colm let loose a heavy Thunderbolt at Shuppet, but it was too late. Mewtwo woke up and blocked the attack with his Psychic, destroying it completely. Colm had no idea what happened to his Thunderbolt.

"Unown,” Shuppet said. “Grant our final wishes. Make me one with Mewtwo! Make us rulers of the imagination world at last!"

A bright light exploded inside the floating cave, as Colm was sucked into the light created by Mewtwo and the Unown. The light faded away once again, causing Colm to open his eyes, but all he could see...was nothing. There was literally nothing around him. It was just white, all of it. The only thing he could see, was himself.

"Where am I?" Colm asked himself. "Am I dead?"

"Why aren’t you dead yet?!" a familiar voice asked.

Colm looked behind him to see Mewtwo, but the voice he heard was Shuppet's voice. Where was she, he thought. Colm then saw Mewtwo's eyes become pitch black, leaving him to believe that Mewtwo and Shuppet were sharing their bodies.

"Surprised?" she asked with her mind. "My soul is intertwined with Mewtwo. He's no more than my puppet now. As for you, time for us to finally put your heroism to an end!"

Mewtwo charged up with a Shadow Ball and fired it at lightning speed, giving Colm barely any time to avoid it. Colm was thrown over to the side, leaving him to recover while Mewtwo charged another Shadow Ball. He fired the Shadow Ball, sending Colm back by a lot! Colm barely had any energy to stand up, but he knew it would be too late. Mewtwo walked over to Colm, who was wishing this really was a dream.

"It's useless to fight back," Shuppet said. "You're no match for Mewtwo."

Mewtwo used a Shadow Ball attack, but Colm stood up and avoided the attack. He fell, but he had to keep fighting. Colm used his Thunderbolt attack to strike Mewtwo. It failed to do anything.

Pointless,” Shuppet said. “I hoped that this fight would be entertaining, but it appears that I was wrong.

“Is this really it?” Colm asked. “I thought I was the hero. I can’t die like this!”

“You were never the hero! We’re going to rid this world of humans and take it back! You’ll be alone in this world, dead!”

Maybe,” Colm thought. “Maybe Shuppet’s right. Maybe I am alone. I failed to be strong, after all this time. I’m...alone.

Colm closed his eyes as he accepted his fate. He failed to defeat Mewtwo and it was all over. He failed. He was going to die at the hands of Mewtwo...alone..."

You’re not alone, Colm!

Colm’s eyes shot open as he heard a familiar voice. Mewtwo could hear something flapping in the distance as he tried to uses his Psychic powers to pinpoint its location. Suddenly, Mewtwo was attacked from behind as he was held in place by a bearhug from behind. Mewtwo struggled to break free, but he had no success. Mewtwo looked back to see Flygon holding them tight.

"Why am I not breaking free from this Pokemon?!" Shuppet asked herself.

"Because you're the one controlling Mewtwo," Flygon said. "You have the power, but you don't know how to use it."

Flygon fired a Flamethrower in Mewtwo's face, causing him to scream in pain. Colm looked up at his Flygon behind him, wondering where he came from.

" did you get in here?" Colm asked.

"This world isn't completely destroyed," Flygon said. "There's still other Pokemon alive, including your friends."

Colm sighed in relief.

"As for this girl," Flygon continued, "she must be destroyed!"

Mewtwo tried to use Psychic to fling him over, but Flygon shot another Flamethrower in his face.

"Now, use your Focus Punch and Volt Tackle as a combo to destroy Mewtwo! It's the only way! Don't worry, these two will be destroyed upon impact. I know it's weaknesses, and Shuppet is the cause of it!"

"Shut up!" Shuppet roared. "I am not weak!"

"Colm! Destroy her!"

Colm didn't know what to do. Did he want to risk the life of his old pet, the one he used to worry about when he was thought to have been killed? He could move, but what other choice did he have?

“Hurry, Colm!” Flygon said. “DO IT!!!”

"Right," Colm said.

Colm engulfed himself with a electrical arua, as well as a light blue aura that merged with it.

"Shuppet," Flygon said. Colm charged after her with his combo ablaze. "No matter what form you take, or how strong you become. You'll always be weak! Even if you're in the body of a god, one hit from enough to end your life!"

"I'll just bust out before he hits me!" she said. "You won't win!"

"We'll see about that," Flygon replied with his eyes closed.

As Mewtwo created another Shadow Ball, Colm slammed into Mewtwo with both fists in front of him and caused the two uneven forces to explode, taking out Colm, Mewtwo, and Flygon in the process.

"Why, Master Kurai? Why am I so weak? I thought my powers would destroy this world forever. Was he lying?"

Shuppet broke free from Mewtwo's body before it disintegrated into nothing. Colm and Flygon both fell to the ground, wasting what last bits of energy they had left.

"No!" she said. "This was supposed to be my victory! I didn't want this!"

The white around them slowly faded away, while Shuppet watched Colm slowly closed his eye with a smile on his face. His success was worth it. Just then, Shuppet got a zap in her mind as she screamed in pain.

"Master!" she shouted. "Please, stop! I beg of you!"

"You failed me," a mysterious voice said. "I said I'd make you stronger, but you didn't use that power to it's fullest. You completely ignored it."


"Heh, heh, heh. I guess you're not that stupid after all. You're right, you failed to kill Colm as planned, so I decided to make you as weak as they get! You're no longer needed anymore!"


"The Dark Shadow will have its revenge! And I will not let anyone STOP ME!!!!"

A dark spirit shot out of Shuppet's mind and into the outside world, looking down at the fallen Colm.

"This fight isn't over yet!” the spirit shouted. “My soldiers will take revenge upon this world!"

The shadow disappeared while Colm continued to lay motionless upon the water outside of the Western Cave. Shuppet and Flygon both sank to the bottom while Colm still floated on top. A faint sound of splashing could be heard as a mysterious figure dressed in a white, clothed, robe walked up to Colm. This mysterious human, standing on the water, looked down as Colm didn't move an inch. The man knelt down and healed him as black stylized marks began to form on the hand that was on his body. A mysterious force surged within Colm's body, giving him the strength to live as he opened his eyes. Once he was healed, the man vanished, leaving behind sparkles of the magic he gave to him. Colm wondered who saved him.

"Who was that man?" Colm asked. "That couldn't have can't be him!"

Colm suddenly fell into the water, causing him to immediately rush back to the top. He looked around and finds that Flygon and Mewtwo were no longer in sight. He must have thought the Flygon was a mysterious illusion since he never saw him sank. Colm looked at the little bit of the mainland in front of him and smiled, knowing that he would see his friends again.

"I'm coming home, guys," Colm said.


Meganium and Swampert, as well as everyone else in the village, looked out at the sea to see if Colm would ever come back, and so far, that wasn't happening. The two began to feel a little nervous at the thought of them losing the best friend they ever had, but suddenly, Colm teleported in front of everyone, giving a bit of a surprise to Meganium and Swampert. The villagers began cheering at their success, while Meganium and Swampert both hugged him for his success.

"Well, that was a happy ending," Mawile said to Jolteon, who were both amongst the crowd. "Wouldn't you say, boss?"

"Yeah...I can't help but feel that peace might not be here yet."

"Come on! Team Lunar's done for! I say we celebrate!"

Jolteon was silent for a bit, and then smiled at his offer.

"If you say so," Jolteon said, smiling.

The crowd continued to cheer while Colm watched Kyogre bring Flygon and Shuppet up to the beachside where they set sail to the Western Cave. Safe to say, he was very pleased with his mission.

I still had many questions to ask myself. Like wo those two beings were. That spirit and that man. But regardless, I'd rather stay here, with my true friends. We may not want to change who we are, but if it was worth living a better life, then I'm all for it.

The next day, Colm woke up, still exhausted from the party last night. He was greeted by Meganium and Naomi, who both offered to get a mission for their team. Naomi wanted to help her brother this once, leaving Colm to accept her offer. As Colm stepped out, Swampert tackled him and gave him a big hug. They both couldn't help but laugh joyfully.

Back then, all I could think about was going back home. Ditching these losers and returning to the life I use to enjoy. Now, I guess I was the loser for that reason, because I would have left the best friends I've ever had. What kind of a person would I be? Though I was glad that things were back to normal, some things still bothered me. Kirara, who mysteriously vanished, never contacted me again. No one knew where she was. I just pray that she's all right, for my sake.

Many years have passed since that incident. The three heroic teams, which were our team, Team Black, and Team ACT, have all reached Lucario Rank, the highest order of Rescue Teams. Of course, the two before us made it there first, but I was still happy.

At long last, peace had graced the Pokémon world.


Part 6 of 6. The battle between Colm and Shuppet is about to begin, but Shuppet has one last trick up her sleeve. She possesses Mewtwo's body and begins to overwhelm Colm. It seems to be the end, but Flygon shows up to finish the job. Can they win?

Well, this is it. The end of Ties That Bind. Now, I'd like to state a few things before this closes completely. This series will continue, but I don't have it ready yet. It might take longer than two weeks for it to reappear, but I really hope that you've enjoyed it. Also, the next series will be focused on the Exploration series of PMD games. It will also have three parts to it, plus a saga based on Sky and final chapters as well.

So that's that. Thank you all for seeing this through to the end. If you're interested in other stories, I've got my Pokemon Cross series, which will begin again next Tuesday. Enjoy! =D

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures Inc. and The Pokemon Company. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is copyright Chunsoft. All non-Pokemon characters are copyright myself.
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